welcome to the Antique Mall of Lubbock's ONLINE ESTATE SALE WEBSITE. Our Online Estates are set up exclusively for the sale of "QUALITY, UP SCALE OR RARE PRIVATE COLLECTIONS". Many Collections, whenever possible, will be set up for preview at the Antique Mall of Lubbock prior to the sale being launched over the web. Buyers who visit the sale at the Antique Mall during the Online Estate Sale will still have the ability to purchase the sale items there and avoid shipping cost. NOTE: Local sale items may be removed from sale if puchased from an online buyer first.
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The Antique Mall of Lubbock has been in business for over 28 years serving Lubbock and the surrounding area. The Antique Mall's Retail Location is certainly one of the best Antique Malls in the Southwest with a customer base going back for decades. Please visit our Home page on our main website for more information about us. We are now expanding our estate sale services through our Online Estate Sales to families, estates, or individuals living in a Continental US location who have a Private Collection or Collections substantial enough to justify the travel and/or relocation of the collection.

The Online Estate Sale enables our clients to avoid the stress and uncertainty of a live auction, and enables them to sell private collections as opposed to an entire household in an onsite estate sale. Another advantage to our clients is the ability to set the Price as opposed to the buyer setting the price in an auction. Onsite Estate Sales are usually limited to only buyers who live nearby. Our Online Estate Sale opens up the market with potential buyers anywhere in the world. The Antique Mall of Lubbock Estate Sale Team has vast experience and expertise conducting estate sales for over 20 years. Through our many years of experience we have come to the conclusion that in some situations an online estate sale would better benefit the client's specific needs.

The Online Estate Sale also benefits the buyer, who can insure that he has bought the item instantly and avoids the long lines and congestion of an onsite estate sale. For more information or inquiries about our online estate sale services please contact Richard Bowles at 806-790-4365 for immediate assistance, or feel free to send us an email by going to the Contact Us Page of this website.

Thank you for considering us.

Very truly yours,
Antique Mall of Lubbock

Richard Bowles
Online Estate Sale Coordinator